What is the Ultrahouse?

A place of community, a space to stay, your traincation, human connection & experiences that will rock your very being. The concept of the Ultrahouse was founded in 2015 by Phoenix based Ultra Runner and “Go-To-Homie” Miguel Moreno, who opened up his Central Phoenix home to passing runners looking for a place to crash.

Since its early beginnings as a “Dirt-Bag Drop House”, the Ultrahouse has hosted countless guests from novice runners to the elite and famous. Tarahumara racers Manuel Luna and Arnulfo Quimare, made famous by the bestselling book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, are regulars at the Ultrahouse Phoenix.

As they travel from their home deep in the Copper Canyons, Chihuahua Mexico to race in the US, these guys stop to rest a night or two and will exchange a space on the floor and vibrant conversation for bags of pinole and rich wisdom.

Most recent guests include elite runners Jo Meek from Great Britain and Steph Auston from Austrailia, who came to Arizona to race Aravaipa’s Black Canyon 60k. You will find Steph Auston’s Western States Golden Ticket as a standing art piece in the Ultrahouse living room!

The Ultrahouse continues to evolve from not only a place for runners to crash, but a place of community where friends, old and new are welcomed for meaningful connection.

At Miguel’s place in Phoenix the focus has turned to the local community. Located in Central Phoenix in an underserved neighborhood, Miguel sees opportunity to connect with neighbors and to spread the love of running and wellness in the pursuit of empowering others to see their own potential.

Miguel offers therapies and body work for donations that are turned over to the local guys in the local community in exchange for home maintenance work. Believing in opportunity through dignity where every human is treated equal.

The house is always flowing with new energy as people come and go. Some stop for a night, others come to heal, guests stop by for a few hours, some stay a few months as their lives transition, others make the place their home.

Miguel quit his corporate job at Scottsdale’s Desert Mountain Club in 2019 after 12 years in the HR field, to focus on his own running goals and the Ultrahouse. The journey is free-flowing and Miguel tries to find opportunity in whatever comes his way. Included in his many projects is a focus on growing the Mexican running community through his side-project “Arizona Sendero Runners”.

Free races, group runs and partnerships with local race directors to snag free entries for the community has all been a part of this launch. Miguel has plans to start a running group for kids in the neighborhood and surrounding areas with the goal of encouraging healthy behaviors from a young age.

Depending on the season, you’ll find free yoga classes, cookouts, community art, a tour around the backyard farm, speed-work on the local canal and group trail runs.

A home for collaboration, the Ultrahouse Phoenix is always looking for ways we can engage more with the community, especially where the end goal empowers others. The door is always open, feel free to stop by and see what the Ultrahouse Phoenix is all about!

The concept of the Ultrahouse has been catching on and we continue to grow nationally as others bring the idea into their own homes. Anthony Kunkel, Colorado based elite ultra-runner and good friend of Miguel, has been a dedicated partner in the Ultrahouse for a few years.

Anthony found a connection with Miguel and the Ultrahouse as a guest way back during a trip to Arizona and the two connected over the idea of sharing authentic running experiences to fellow humans who are motivated to advance their personal goals. Anthony’s place has organically grown into a welcoming shared space that encapsulates his unique and authentic approach to training and human performance.

Anthony offers open invites into his home and life to runners seeking personal gains, encouraging motivated humans to fully experience his day to day routine in the setting of the stunning SW Colorado trails. Ever-growing, in 2021 Anthony has redesigned his home to include a 7 person bunk room to allow space for more people to join.

Anthony provides a welcoming wealth of knowledge and generously shares his approach and scientific wisdom with his guests. The Ultrahouse Durango is situated in a valley just two miles from the end of the beautiful Colorado Trail, Junction Creek in Durango.

Guests can enjoy post-run soaks in the icy-cold creek that runs off the San Juan Mountains and use his infrared Sauna to maximize recovery. As with the Ultrahouse Phoenix, the door is always open and Anthony always welcomes new connections.

Anthony’s been working on some pretty cool stuff outside of Durango this year. He spent the first half of 2021 in Volcano Hawaii collaborating with his girlfriend Lency on the transformation of a raw piece of land for the upcoming “Ultrahouse Hawaii”.

Their plan is to bring training camps in 2022 to the area, extending the experience of the Ultrahouse Durango and adding a Hawaiian twist. Big moves. Watch this space!

In September 2021 the Ultrahouse crew will be descending on the incredible mountain home of Josh Korpi in Brighton, to spend the week running the local mountain trails as the first official Ultrahouse Utah guests!

Josh was inspired by the Ultrahouse movement after connecting with Miguel through social media. Josh has been working hard over the past year or two to make a bunk room and garage bar in his home and can’t wait for it to be filled with runners!

“The Big Cottonwood Ultrahouse” is situated at the top of the Big Cottonwood Canyon, offering high elevation training within Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range. We’re so grateful for this partnership and look forward to running the trails and engaging with the Utah trail community.

The flow of the Ultrahouse continues to leads to organic partnerships and collaboration that keeps adding new dynamics to the concept. Lindsey Dippold, ultrarunner, good friend of Miguel and a regular at the Ultrahouse Phoenix recognized an opportunity to create a branch of the Ultrahouse focused on women.

With an interest not only in running, but in general wellness, Lindsey converted her Downtown Phoenix home to “The Greenhouse Phoenix”, A space for women in the community to connect around health and wellness.

Yoga instruction, group meditation, gemstone jewelry making, vision board & community art classes are just some of the events Lindsey has hosted. Lindsey is loving watching her vision for a healthier, happier community grow.

So that’s a snapshot of what we’re all about. Each home has its own unique vibe, influenced by its owner, their guests and their surroundings. What binds us together is the passion for the sport of running and all of the good things that come with genuine human connection.

Dedication, Motivation, Love, Inclusion. Keep connected to our social media sites and website for news, updates and ways you can get involved.

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